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This site is home to Nissan 240SX enthusiasts located in the D.M.V area (D.C. / Maryland / Virginia). Our community may be small, but we are a bunch of tight knit, down to earth people and always looking to meet new 240SX enthusiasts inside and outside the D.M.V. area.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

- SimpleS14

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Guide: how to select thermostat with proper temperature
Saturday November 22, 2014 by KenNN

I see a lot of misconceptions about low-temp thermostat. Most people just slap on a Nismo low-temp thermostat without having any idea that they're actually damaging their engine without boosting the efficiency of the cooling system.

You want a cold engine to warm up as quickly and with as little load as possible so it can warm up to operating temp. Then you want it to stay within operating temp range the entire time. Too high or too low coolant temp is NOT good.

Let's l

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KenNN's guide: custom cardboard trunk panel
Saturday August 23, 2014 by KenNN

There are several reasons why you would want to make your own trunk floor panel:

1. Some idiot put cargo on the cardboard without the spare and the weight collapsed the cardboard.

2. The cardboard got wet and collapsed on its own.

3. You need additional clearance to run battery/relay boxes.

4. The cardboard is completely missing.

I typically use 1/8" MDF fibreboard. It's stronger than the OEM cardboard and is more durable as well.<

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DIY: Budget Oil Cooler Setup Using An FC3S Cooler
Wednesday May 14, 2014 by RustyS14

I just got done installing this setup on my car and took some pictures along the way so I figured I would do a quick writeup on how to adapt the FC3S oil cooler to work on our cars (or any car for that matter). I put this on my 89 coupe with a ka24e but this setup is pretty universal and should work on just about any car/engine setup.

First up, this is a pretty simple install and I realize that most people probably don't need a full writeup but I figured its worth throwing out there

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KenNN's tutorial: custom wiring for street cars
Sunday April 27, 2014 by KenNN

A lot of people asked me about this topic. My way is not the best way, but for a street car I have to consider things like functionality, reliability, availability of parts, and cost.

For all-out race cars with unlimited budget I can do NASA/mil-spec unobtainium-coated wiring, but this is not appropriate for most people. Just about every part in here is available locally so you don't have to wait for special orders.
So we start out with a co

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KenNN's tutorial: power steering lines
Saturday February 22, 2014 by KenNN

This generally applies to all S13 and S14. I'm using an S14 with KA as an illustrative example. Similar technique applies to S13 and/or other engines.

This is the parts diagram:

[Image: SteeringLine1.jpg]

I'll walk through the major components:

1. Fluid (Nissan uses automatic transmission fluid-ATF) starts in the reservoir. Shown here in red.

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